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Here at Pediatric Partners, we believe in a Holistic approach, where everyone, the therapists, families, and children are "partners" in creating a plan of success so that each child has the opportunity to succeed at their highest level of functioning. Our professionals provide expert care you can trust. We are happy to be a key part of your care team.



Occupational Therapist, Owner

Lisa Whittenton is an Occupational Therapist and the owner of Pediatric Partners of North Carolina. She graduated from East Carolina University and over the years has worked in a variety of therapeutic settings such as the NICU, school system, acute care, and private practice, just to name a few. With over 35 years of experience, Lisa continues to exude a deep passion for pediatric occupational therapy that shines in everything she does. Lisa opened the doors of Pediatric Partners in 2010 with the mission of making every child and every family that entered the building feel supported, loved, and understood in and outside of the clinic. Anyone who knows Lisa will say that going above and beyond for her patients and staff is the only way she knows how to do things. Lisa’s love for children and devotion to making Pediatric Partners such a warm, loving environment has made all the difference in creating this sweet little place she likes to call our “sanctuary”.  In her spare time, Lisa enjoys traveling with her husband, spending time with family and friends, and hanging out with her beloved English Bulldog, Trulee Scrumptious.



Occupational Therapist

Ruth is a licensed Occupational Therapist from Dunn, North Carolina. She received a bachelor’s degree in Recreational Therapy from East Carolina University and then completed her clinical doctorate in Occupational Therapy at Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences in Fishersville, VA. She has experience working with a wide range of conditions including: children with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, sensory processing disorder, and developmental delays. She has received additional training in the SOS Approach to Feeding.  Her passion is to work with children and their families while developing a strong rapport to enhance a child’s independence for daily activities. She believes collaboration with the child and family members are key to enhance success and reach their full potential. She enjoys traveling, spending time at the beach, and playing with her dog.



Occupational Therapist

Kathy is a licensed Occupational Therapist from Clayton, NC. She received a bachelor's degree in Health Sciences, as well as a master's degree in Occupational Therapy at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, PA. She has worked in a variety of settings including inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, schools, and pediatric home-health care. She has completed the requirements of becoming a sensory integration certified therapist through the University of Southern California and Western Psychological Services. She has extensive experience working with children with a wide range of needs, and has worked exclusively with children over her 20+ years as an OT. Kathy loves what she does and strives to help children reach their fullest potential. She couldn't imagine doing anything else! When not working, Kathy enjoys spending time with her own young children, DIY house projects, and traveling.

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Occupational Therapist

Haley is a licensed Occupational Therapist from Auburn, Alabama. She received her bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from The University of Alabama at Birmingham, and then completed her clinical doctorate at Methodist University College of Health Sciences in Fayetteville, NC. She has experience working with children with a variety of diagnoses including: autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, spinal muscular atrophy, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, and developmental delays. Haley has a special interest in how retained primitive reflexes impact occupational performance in children and adolescents. Her passion is providing personalized support for children with disabilities and their families in order to maximize independence and participation in meaningful activities. In her free time, Haley loves listening to music, traveling, making candles, and hanging out with her 2 dogs, Roxi and Dancer. 



Speech-Language Pathologist

Courtney is a licensed speech-language pathologist from Fayetteville, NC. She received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Communication Sciences and Disorders from East Carolina University. Courtney has worked in many settings including the public school system and an adult rehabilitation center. She has certifications with Vital Stim Electrotherapy, Lee Silverman Voice Treatment, and SOS Approach to Feeding. Courtney enjoys working with children to help them find their voice to communicate. She has experience with a variety of speech disorders from apraxia of speech to dysphagia. In her free time, she enjoys walking her dog, photography, and driving her mustang.



Physical Therapist

Erin is a licensed Physical Therapist from Bennett, North Carolina. She received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Exercise and Sports Medicine from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2009 and obtained her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Elon University in Elon, NC in 2012. Erin began her physical therapy career working in Cumberland County schools in early 2013 and began working at Pediatric Partners in May of 2013. After having her first child, she made the switch to working only at Pediatric Partners and has loved it ever since. Erin enjoys working with all children and has a passion for working with premature babies and babies with torticollis. She also enjoys helping parents understand gross motor development, ways to functionally play with your baby at all ages, and navigate the world of parenting (there is no instruction manual). In her free time, Erin enjoys spending time with her husband, 3 children, and dog at their home in the middle of nowhere.



Physical Therapy Assistant

Elsje is a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant with over 25 years of experience. She received her associate's degree from Fayetteville Technical Community College in 1994 and has worked in various settings throughout her career including acute care, nursing homes, school-system, and home-health. She has been a valued member of the Pediatric Partners of NC team for over 10 years! Her passion is working with children and their families to help them reach their full potential. When she is not working, Elsje enjoys spending time with her family and traveling around the world.




Taylor has been with Pediatric Partners of NC since 2017 working as a member of the administrative staff. Taylor graduated from East Carolina University with a bachelor's degree in Recreational Therapy (RT). Prior to her time at Pediatric Partners, she worked in the RT field for 4 years where she specialized in providing therapy services for individuals with dementia. Taylor takes pride in ensuring that every step of each child’s journey here at Pediatric Partners is not only positive, but an unforgettable experience filled with love, compassion, and true partnership between the PPNC team and their families. Outside of the clinic, Taylor enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

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Chase is the newest full-time member of the Pediatric Partners of NC family and we are so grateful he has joined us. Between assisting with all administrative tasks and being PPNC’s very own "Mr.Fix It", you can find him making new friends with all of our sweet kiddos who now think we
have hired the real life “Superman!" Chase is such a great fit here at Pediatric Partners and has joined the administrative staff seamlessly. So, if you give us a call and he answers, make him feel welcomed as he is a huge asset to our day-to-day operations! In his spare time, Chase enjoys playing the guitar, spending time with his family and friends. and hanging with his best pal, Axel, his German Shepherd.




Ms. Marty was a loyal and valued member of our Pediatric Partners of NC family for over 10 years until her passing in January 2022. Her smile brightened everyone's day and we are so thankful for all of her hard work day-in and day-out. The families and staff will forever cherish the time spent together.



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